The Comedogenic Scale

The comedogenic scale measures how likely an ingredient is to clog skin pores. It’s a simple numeric scale from 0 to 5. Numbers 2 and lower are generally safe for most people; however, those with sensitive skin or are prone to acne should watch where ingredients land on the scale.

  1. Does not clog pores
  2. Low
  3. Moderately low
  4. Fairly high
  5. High probability


This is a compiled list of ingredients that I’ve used or considered using in my crafts.

Almond Oil2
Aloe Vera Gel0
Argan Oil0
Avocado Oil3
Camphor Oil2
Candelilla Wax1
Carnauba Wax1
Castor Oil1
Cocoa Butter4
Coconut Oil4
Grape Seed Oil2
Jojoba Oil2
Mango Butter2
Neem Oil2
Olive Oil2
Sandalwood Oil2
Sea Buckthorn Oil1
Shea Butter0

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