Bags of Wax

Beware of Substitutions

Just substitute carnauba wax to make this vegan.

While this is may be technically true, the final product is not the same consistency. Carnauba wax has a much higher melting point and is much harder when cool. The end result is a much thicker product.

WaxMelting Point
Beeswax144°F / 62°C
Candelilla 156°F / 69°C
Carnauba180°F / 22°C

Substitutions can be made, but they must be researched. Do your due diligence and identify the differences between the original ingredient and the substitution. Sometimes you can compensate by slightly increasing or decreasing the amount of the substitute ingredient. You might to experiment a bit to find what give you the results you seek. With a little research, you can avoid those little mistakes.

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